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Buy British Arts Working fairly with retailers like shops and galleries

We are very sensitive to the opportunities we can present to retailers. We love card shops, especially those that try to keep a great range of art cards and less mainstream content. Despite being an online operation we still recognise that the vast majority of greetings cards purchased are from physical shops and retail outlets.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the principle of wholesale to shops and retail to you and me. As we discuss in our mission statement though, the current situation inherently routes the major chunk of the wholesale sale to the middlemen with the originating artist or designer getting just the tiny remainder.

We welcome wholesale trade as much as direct retail from our website. We are aiming to reach out to shops and retailers to make our artists’ products available to them in the normal way at the normal wholesale price. The difference is that we can give the retailer a much wider choice of designs and content with smaller order amounts and a correspondingly wider selection of designs per order. We also route the full amount of the profit of each item back to the artist which means the artist earns at a higher, and much fairer, rate than they would through the conventional middleman channels.

So, if you’re a retailer and you would like to know that a) you are sourcing work directly from British artists in a fair trade relationship, b) you would like to be able to buy more diverse sets of designs and smaller quantities but still at your expected wholesale prices, and c) that you’d like to have your own shop or gallery branding on the back of the cards to market your own business (we produce artists’ cards digitally on-demand so adding your own logo and website address etc. is not a problem), then we hope to be able to meet your needs too. Register now if this is you and help us develop a new fair trade wholesale offering.

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