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Helping to keep visual arts and artists in our communities

LFTA in brief:

LoveFromTheArtist (LFTA) is the invention of, and is managed by, social entrepreneurs Ian Lacey and Lynda Harvey. It is intended as a means to contribute to the visual arts in Britain and the UK through the development of a mini “economy” that allows artists to trade with the public and earn income to support their artistic works.

LFTA is based on fair trade, is non profit making, supports a wide range of artists and artistic styles and provides an open and fair opportunity for British artists, photographers and illustrators, for whom it is free to use.

LFTA focuses on helping small shops, often community organised ventures, to find and support artists in their local communities as well as allowing artists to sell work directly to the wider public through their pages on this website.

Ian Lacey and Lynda Harvey are both fellows of The Royal Society of Arts (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce).

Supporting British arts and crafts

Artistic Endeavours & Crafty Creativity

I am sure we have all been surprised at some time to discover a friend or relative’s artistic creativity. The ability to capture the light in a landscape, present an amusing view of everyday life, or share the beauty of a view caught in passing can become an absorbing hobby. Sculpture, quilting, jewellery making, ceramics are amazing and admirable skills.

But we don’t all have the funds or the wall-space to show our appreciation of these skills by buying their work in original forms. Sadly, many brilliantly creative people find it difficult to make their hobby or talent pay – whether they aim to produce an income or to create a funding source for their favourite charities – finding a way of doing this is not easy.

LoveFromTheArtist.org is a new non-profit Community Interest Company specifically created to enable arts and crafts creators to earn fairly and directly from their endeavours. We aim to bring the benefits of new Print-On-Demand technologies to individuals (which obviates the need for expensive stock investment) and to provide avenues for their work to be presented in a variety of print formats, such as greetings cards, calendars, prints and posters. All sorts of work can be involved from paintings to glass mosaics to photography and beyond.

We are lovers of art and greedy consumers of greetings cards, seasonal and occasional, and we feel the dearth of quality products available to us online, particularly as country folk, is frustrating and restrictive. The ability to source beautiful art and create our own messages and have tasteful cards sent directly to the recipient along with a beautiful gift is an exciting concept but not easily to be found.

We have established LoveFromTheArtist to help creators bring their work to the public but, importantly, we are also there to make sure that the proceeds from a sale actually get back to the creator of the work. This might sound obvious, but as things stand it is unusual for an artist or creator to get fairly rewarded for their skills. Often the only way to get work out to you and me is to route it through agencies and channels that take such high commissions that little remains for the artist. This is one reason why it’s so hard to find good cards out there.

Find out more about our Love From The Artist programme here or read our mission statement.

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