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We at LFTA are delighted to support our member artist Ann Bridges in her residency work with three primary schools in Flintshire.

Flintshire Cards
Cards created by the school children
Ann Bridges - Printmaker
Ann Bridges - Printmaker
Labelsprint - Rhyl, Denbighshire

Artist Ann Bridges has been working on arts residency projects with three Flintshire schools using a theme of “Pollination”. The schools are:

Ysgol Gronant

Ysgol Trelogan

Southdown CP (Buckley)

As part of this, and following discussions with LFTA about the work being produced by the children as a result of the residencies, we decided to look at converting the work into some cards and giftwrap products that could be represented on LFTA.

To help us with the possibility of creating a new giftwrap product we are very pleased to have the support of Gavin Scott and his company Labelsprint based in nearby Rhyl, Denbighshire.

Labelsprint’s technical team have been working with us to develop ideas around printed rolls of giftwrap based on random layouts of the small print ‘tiles’ created by the school children. This work is creating fantastic and unique prints using software to generate the print files on-demand from the selected schools’ images.

Watch this space as we work to develop this idea further…

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