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About : Michael Brobson - Artist and Illustrator based in Wells, Somerset

I live and work from the City of Wells in Somerset.  Much of my work is related to this City, the Mendip Hills and the surrounding Somerset Levels but I have a fondness for the sea, so I also paint sea related pictures.
In most of my work, it is the story of what is taking place and the atmosphere of the scene that I hope will feature, it’s not always the place.  The place, a street, a marsh, a view, or a building etc., is the setting. The place is like a back drop on a stage that provides the setting for the acted story.  For me the clouds the mist or rain provides the atmosphere and the figures or animals the story.
I paint mostly in acrylic but occasionally other mediums like watercolour.  Watercolour is my preferred medium when illustrating publications.
I am also fond of graphite and draw or sketch outdoors collecting a number of images that sometimes can be developed into something bigger.

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