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About : Luella Glover Wilson - Artist based in Tiverton, Devon

I paint using watercolour.  I love the fluidity I can achieve with this medium, but with various brush techniques I can also achieve fine detail, sometimes enhanced with pen and ink. I create small paintings, but over the years I have doubled the size of my work to an average size of 6" x 6".  Once framed, the pictures are about 12" x 12".

My inspiration comes from nature and my local area provides me with coastal scenes, rushing rivers, canals and small streams from which to work.  There are few pictures I create which have no trees in them, and I find myself particularly drawn to woodland.  The combination of water and trees, especially with sunlight creating dappled shade, is the basis of much of my work. You will notice how often there seems to be a path leading off round a corner..hopefully creating a sense that there is yet more to find beyond the moment!

In still life painting, my works tends towards simplicity and detail, creating portraits of each piece of fruit and showing them as individual specimens. 



'Largely self taught, I  have worked professionally since 1990.  

2009 - Moved to north Devon from Kent. My work is largely inspired by reflections on water and glass and from the play between light and shade. Now in mid Devon, I am drawn to the Tiverton canal and to many local and Exmoor landscapes.

When in Kent I was able to submit work to the major London annual open shows and was shown at the Royal Watercolour Society, the Society of Women Artists and the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour.'


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