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About : Frances Sullivan - Artist based in Thetford, Norfolk

British wildlife and farm animals, in paint and print.

I love to celebrate the rich variety of animals to be found in farm and field across our wonderfully diverse countryside -  especially our native farm breeds, many are historically important and others rare. For many years I have become known for my work depicting the "crtically endangered" Suffolk Horse (or Suffolk Punch as it is some times known) and more recently the "at risk" Shire horse, which have been appreciated by owners and enthusiasts alike.  Also a growing number of sheep, their fleece and horns are wonderful - I seem to have an affinity with herbivores.

For over twenty years I have been passionate about painting animals.  I love to watch them, closely studying their behaviour to get an insight into their characters: how they react with their environment, with each other and also with other animals including ourselves.  For me the animal is the most important element of my work, they need to take pride of place and shine through.

I prefer to work in very versitile acrylic paint, either thicker on canvas or in a more fluid style on paper, but always with the option to add that bit of detail.  Deep canvases enable me to continue the design and the story around the sides, just for an extra challenge.  Recently I have discovered what amazing results are possible with pastel on Pastelmat paper - the most wonderful lighting effects just zing out.

Horses are a long term passion.  Much hands-on experience gained through my own horse and working with them has left a deep understanding or their anatomy, behaviour and characters.  It was natural living in Norfolk that I use this knowledge and enthusiasm to celebrate and promote the Suffolk Horse ( or Suffolk Punch as it is sometimes known) my local Critically Endangered breed of heavy horse.  I am honoured to support and promote the Suffolk Punch Trust and Suffolk Horse Society.

In order to increase the awareness of the breeds that I promote I produce cards and prints from my work. 

Find out more about me, browse my wide range of original paintings, cards, prints and attractive gifts, all produced from my artwork at my website/


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