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About : Amber Parnell - Art and Design - Artist, Illustrator and Photographer based in Taunton, Somerset

Working primarily in pen, pencil, acrylic, watercolour, ink, oil and tea, Amber creates work with which she feels a personal connection. Drawing, is central to her creative process, which exposes a keen observation of the subject matter.

Portraits make up the majority of Amber's work. She has a fascination with faces and enjoys the opportunity to study the expressions and features of the people she is capturing. This is a manifestation of a profound interest in understanding human behaviour. This interest also fuels a nostalgic soul that expresses a fondness for the architecture and topography of the of the towns and villages that have been the stage for her autobiographical narrative. 

Originally from Chatham in Kent, Amber moved to Somerset in the late 1990s.  Here she continued to produce art for pleasure and for family and friends whilst studying for a BSc (Hons) in Psychology, raising two daughters, and working full time in Somerset schools. Her first exhibition, Expressions (2003), was held in Watchet in Somerset. Amber Parnell currently lives and works in Taunton, Somerset.


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