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About : Adam Grose - Artist and Illustrator based in Taunton, Somerset

Adam Grose's art practice explores layering, memory, history, mythology and entropy relating to 'Lost Generations'. 

He is drawn to the fragility of knowledge and how information can be easily lost, changed, manipulated and misinterpreted over the passage of generations and how we engage with objects from the past.  He is currently exploring landscape and portraits associated with this line of enquiry.

Grose uses handmade paint and printing ink, non-fired clays, soils, rock pigment and grown fungi culture from soil samples and collected scrappings, producing two and three dimensional works that embed and collage much of these urban and non-urban materials. 

Over many years Adam has built an archive of images exploring a variety of art styles, research and illustration works, investigating many processes and techniques that are applied to the various images he produces.  He explores his work through painting, drawing, illustration and Fine Art.


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