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About : Barbara Barlow - Artist based in Shavington, Crewe, Cheshire

My name is Barbara Barlow and I am a painter, collagist and printmaker. I specialise in reduction linocut prints, creating very small editions, usually around ten to fifteen. Given that the work is reduction, it means I destroy the lino block during the process so I cannot repeat an edition. I have created a lot of animal art, both domestic and wild. All my source material is from my own drawings or photographs or from photographs given to me by friends granting me permission to use them in my artwork. This means there is no potential for copyright issues. I also create other types of hand crafted print or monotypes using a variety of methods, such as drypoint, and gelliplate printmaking. Gelliplate prints are the basis for my creating collages.
Regarding painting, I love watercolours and my aim is to create work that is loose and free and I tend to focus mostly on landscapes. Colour and pattern making are central to my creativity.

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