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About : Amanda Clark - Artist and Illustrator based in Shalford, Essex

Amanda Clark- Artist and Illustrator.


Amanda's paintings and illustrations are created using a rich tapestry of colour portraying her love of the English Countryside which are reminisent of old fairytales. Her inspiration is from dawn walks in the woodland and countryside behind her home where she often meets her best ' animal-kind friends, the hare, badger, a family of foxes, the wise owl and the fae like deer.

'At this time of the morning , when everything is peaceful and still and ribbons of mist glide among the trees. You never know what may cross your path in the woodland when the edges of light reveal a little piece of magic at every corner. The beauty of this world is only a breath away.' 

 She uses acrylic paint or oils and paints her artwork in layers , thin glazes and fine detail of jewel like colours, sometimes using finishing touches of gold or silver leaf and mica for a magical, enchanting feel to the story in each piece of work.


To view more of Amanda's work, original paintings and limited edition prints. Visit her website: 


Small open edition prints and sometimes tiny pieces of original art  can be found here:


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Instagram for news of her latest work and studio: 




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