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About : Spiritinart - Artist, Illustrator and Photographer based in Seaton, Devon

Originally from Devon in the Uk Sara sells her paintings worldwide.

She has been involved in the creative arts most of her life although the painting aspect took precedence only in 2017. As a teenager she mainly focused on portraiture although she had a keen interest in the areas of surrealism. Over the years she has worked in theatre design, costume, photography and digital art as well as writing and illustrating her own children’s books.
Throughout the years she has taken keen inspiration from the great Salvador Dali’ and Van Gogh although now, as a working psychic clairvoyant she takes it from spirit.
‘As a clairvoyant I see clear pictures in my mind and I continually saw an image kept coming to me giving me the feeling and powerful to urge to just start painting. I didn’t have any materials and so chose to paint over an old canvas I found lying around and bought a few colours to tide me over. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen as I hadn’t painted for so long and so just ‘went with the flow’ literally. I put it on social media and sold it shortly afterwards. This gave me the ‘bug’ and from then on have found painting my way of release and relaxation. That first sale was followed by more sales and then several commissions and just like the first the subject of the paintings seemed to just come to me or some cases literally keep me awake at night in my dreams. At one time I kept seeing images of dragons everywhere in the clouds and then people began asking me if I could do a dragon. I seems as long as I follow the signs the flow continues and now I feel it has become a major part of my life’s purpose’.

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