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About : SAVOONI Webster - Artist based in SEATON, Devon

There is a concept to my work which underpins all the paintings I make regardless of the imagery. It draws from Buddhism, Montessori teaching and about not being the best, but being the best one can be. It is about the benefits of developing ourselves as individuals in order to be beneficial, in the most efficient way, to our families, friends, and society in general. It is about being part of a whole picture despite how insignificant one’s part may seem. 
I paint squares.  I paint all the squares. I paint the vibrant blues and the sexy reds to the dirty greens and the fading whites.  If any one of them is missed the painting fails.  The squares are not perfect but they are the best they can be and because they are squares they are responsible for the development of the 4 squares that they share a border with, relying on each other to exist.
In terms of an image that amplifies this concept, athletes are a ideal subject.  The 2012 Olympics and The 2014 Tour de France raised the awareness of the pains, sacrifices and mental and physical development of the athletes and showed that the development of the individual makes for a better team and the team ‘inspired a generation’. 
I sell work through savooni Art Space in Seaton Devon

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