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About : Jess Davies - Artist based in Sandford, Devon


Jess Davies is an artist printmaker living in rural Devon. 

Many of her prints are very simple images describing a dramatic point where the natural landscape is interrupted and marked by a symbol of human activity: hedgelines, pylons, fences, roads, trees… 

Jess strives for a language of texture, colour relationships and mark-making, and aims to create a kind of tension on the surface of the work. There is also an interruption between literal representation, and symbol in her work. Her aim is to summon and capture a mood or essence of place through this language.

Jess Davies originally trained in Theatre Design at Nottingham Trent University which led to her working as an actor role-player, and workshop leader. After living in Brighton for many years, she moved to Devon in 2008. In 2011 Jess decided to follow a long-held call to establish a serious visual art practice, which unexpectedly took her into printmaking. She exhibits with several galleries and is a member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen.


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