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About : Hannah Willow - Artist based in Salisbury, Wiltshire

I am an artist and worker in silver.

My work is often described as a remembering. When I paint and create, I connect into the ancient earth, the hidden stories held within and upon the land and draws them forward into the present, into my work. I encourage people to see and feel what I see and feel... A deep connection to the landscape and the hares, stags, bees and other creatures that live upon it. I endeavour to draw back time, draw back the curtain of reality and show that the myth, legend, folklore and stories of this land are woven deep into our bones, that we are all part of it, inextricably connected to each other, to time past and time future. I try to convey ancestral spirit of place, of rock and bone, of fur and feather, hidden deep in the soil, to those who sit upon the earth, and calls us to remember, to feel that belonging and that knowledge.

My inspiration comes from the land, wild and free places, stories and folklore, poetry, myth and legend.

My works takes two directions, working as a painter and in silver, each strand of work informs the other, growing from the same inspiration and roots.

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