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About : Sally Hunt - Artist and Illustrator based in Rushden, Northamptonshire

Hello I'm Sally Hunt and I am an artist/illustrator.

My career started when my year 5 school teacher asked me to illustrate the front cover of the school's musical show programme. I still have a copy! I pursued my dream to be an artist through College and studied Illustration at University. Then, life happened. A fantastic lifeno need for the violinsbut like so many creatives, my creativeness got put to one side. Producing the odd commission for family and friends I kept my eye in but it wasn't until my children were at school that I refocussed on making something of this talent thing I had.

So many people would say to me how they wished they could paint or draw and I would think, well you can! That's the lovely thing about creativity. There is literally no right or wrong. I have set it as one of my life's ambitions, to facilitate other peoples beliefs in their ability to draw. If a 4 year old can draw (and they all can) then anyone can.

My work is heavily reliant upon observations. My daydreams are about colour and tone and my inner conversations with myself are "why can I see that?", and  "How would I paint that?". I love to "put together" images, I guess it's my inner Illustrator wanting to give an image a story, a reason for it's existence. Quite often figures or animals will appear in the image, not necessarily as the main subject, but to give the image some narrative. If you are as old or older than me, think back to when you went to pick up your holiday photos from the printers. Stood outside the shop you'd excitedly flick through the images, and I bet you paused longer over those with people in them? This is what I like to try and capture in my artwork.

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