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About : Steve Clement-Large - Artist, Illustrator and Photographer based in Plymouth, Devon




After a lifetime of interest in art history - especially early twentieth century art; at a "mature age", I decided to start painting . Completely self taught, I started to plough my own furrow - within a couple of weeks I had been given my first commission.

Most (not all) of my work has a great deal of bright colour and that is a hallmark of pretty much all I produce. It seems to me a pity not to use all of those lovely vibrant hues, and over time I feel I have got the hang of using them to good effect. 

I also produce a lot of illustrative work - many of my cards here feature that.

Alongside that I have a keen interest in photography and digital art - in short - if you can make interesting images using a technique - I'll have a go.

PS I'm an artist on the edge - of both Plymouth and Dartmoor. 

For more information visit my website -

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