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About : Jackie Richards - Artist and Photographer based in Oxford, Oxfordshire

Based in Oxford, I am retired, and finally have the time to devote to my art after too many years feeling unfulfilled working in offices to make a living. Now divorced, I have two sons who have turned out to be amazing young men of whom I am so proud. My eldest, and his wife are about to become parents and make me a first-time granny. Happy days!


In 2006 I was struck down with cancer, and although I survived, the treatment has left me with devastating life changes which keep me mostly confined to home, where I live alone with my little cavapoo companion, Teddy. My creativity is what keeps me going, and happy. Even during my treatment and recovery, I always had something creative happening on my kitchen table, from clay work to ceramic mosaics and jewellery making, but it’s only when I started tearing paper that I finally found a medium I wanted to stick with (‘scuse the pun!). I started with landscapes, but it was only in the last two years that I began my bird series and finally decided this is what I wanted to do.  I am now working on animals as well as birds.


My paper collage I like to think of as “painting with paper” although there is no paint here. Every detail of each image is made from paper torn or cut from magazines, as well as some handmade, mulberry and textured papers.  Incorporated within each collage you may find, if you look closely, “hidden” images of people, buildings, butterflies, animals and other objects. Each collage can take in excess of 20 hours to make, some will take me a week to complete. I sell original artwork, prints, and of course the cards. Happy browsing!


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