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About : Lizzy Forrester - Artist and Illustrator based in Ormskirk , Lancashire

About Lizzy Forrester

I am an artist working between my family home in Ormskirk, Lancashire, and my ‘artist retreat ‘studio’ in the Balearics, Spain.  I also always travel with my paints, and often paint plein air. 

Teaching is also important and gives me great joy, ( mainly in my home in the Balearics, but also in Lancashire, for groups, and online via YouTube & soon on my blog.)

I work in many mediums, oils probably being my favourite, and nature provides me with a never-ending source of inspiration, though I also produce a lot of spiritually inspired work.

For me as an artist it is really all about transmitting to the canvas, board or paper the emotion, that vibration in the heart that is life itself.. Light is what it's all about, which represents 'love' itself, or trying to capture a special light, portraying morning or eveing light - the bewitching times, are my prefered times of the day. The seasons, and time of the day string along and create 'series' of works. 

Probably what is the most recurring feature in my work is a deep rooted spirituality. 

Recent commissions:  

A Wedding gift, (an oil painting of ‘The Wedding Reception’ as a gift for the new 'Mum in law'). Another ‘A special place’ for a couple who recently got married (for this they sent me a photo of I believe where the hubby proposed! ) Another, a Spiritual Healing Portrait, with my impression of the sitter's Aura, when I work like this it is oftern for heaing. 

Artist’s statement :- 

When I paint I find complete peace: that is what I hope reaches out to others. I paint from my heart, allowing my spirituality to guide me, not really ‘seeing’, or using my mind to interpret or analyse, but rather sensing or perceiving the ‘unseen’ in nature. For me, it is a meditation through which I try to make visible the beauty in the perfection of life that I sense everywhere in the underlying energies that surround us all. 

Through whatever is happening inside myself or on the canvas, to be able to communicate creatively is a wonderful gift for which I am most grateful and humbled – so I try to do good with it.


Represented by Agora Gallery, Chelsea New York City. 530 West 25th street.

By Art 1000, Art Canton, Guangzhou China.  

By Asia Contemporary Art in Hong Kong

By GPDeva  /XPower Gallery in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Taiwan.



2018 : - MAY > JAPAN & NEW YORK 


            THESE ARE APPROX DATES  all "TBC". 




EXHIBITION HISTORY                                



0512/ 2016       SHENZHEN INTL ART EXPO                                     CHINA 

23/09/2016       ART CANTON, Pazhou Expo Centre                            CHINA                                 

01/09/2016       BEIJING BIAE, Beijing Intl Expo Centre                    CHINA 

31/08/2016       ART CHINA, Beijing Agricultural Hall                        CHINA         

09/05/2016       AIX EN PROVENCE -  ART EXPO                               FRANCE

2015 (took a break!) 

02/12/2015      SPECTRUM MIAMI,   ART EXPO, FLORIDA                        USA   

12/07/2015      SKY 'WILD CARD' ARTIST OF THE YEAR AT STOWE, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE UK                                  

19/05/2015      ROMA PIAZZA DI POPOLO, GALERIA LEONARDO DA VINCI                                                                                                                          

                        “PREMIO IMPERIALE, ROMA” ARTISTIC MERIT                  ITALY 



12/12/2014      BARCELONA, LA CASA BATLL�  Barcelona                        SPAIN        

18/09/2014       ART CANTON ART EXHIBITION, CANTON                       CHINA 

06/09/2014      BEIJING 19TH INTL ART EXPO BEIJING                             CHINA 

23/05/2014       GUANGZHOU PRIVATE COLLECTORS FAIR                     CHINA 

15/05/2014       HONK KONG, ASIA INTL ART FAIR                                   HONG KONG 

07/02/2014      Oxford Art Fair, England                                                             UK


18/12/2013      CHANGSHA INTL ART FAIR                                     CHINA

12/12/2013      GUANGZHOU INTL ART FAIR                                    CHINA

05/12/2013      MIAMI Red Dot, MIAMI                                                 USA

12/09/2013      16TH BEIJING INTL ART FAIR                                    CHINA

27/08/2013      GOLF IBIZA, RSTE. SOLO EXPO IBIZA                     SPAIN

31/05/2013      Collective EXPO IBIZA, BALEARIC ISLES                 SPAIN 

09/05/2013      3RD. GUANGZHOU ART FAIR, GUANZHOU               CHINA 

01/05/2013      PARIS CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR                          FRANCE

10/01/2013      I BIENNALE PALERMO, SICILIA                                ITALIA  


10/12/2012      COLLECTIVE EXPO, Royal Opera Arcade, LONDON,             UK 

13/12/2013      SHENZHEN INTL ART FAIR, GUANGDONG               CHINA

08/12/2012      14th INTL ART FAIR GZ CHINA                                     CHINA

08/11/2012      AGORA GALLERY EXPO;  NEW YORK CITY,  NYC          USA

01/11/2012      GPDEVA GALLERY - SOHO, NEW YORK NYC                  USA 

12/10/2012      ART CANTON, GUANGZHOU                                           CHINA

11/08/2012      15TH BEIJING INTL ART EXPO                                         CHINA

21/07/2012       INTL EXPO ‘ARTOUR’ FERRARA ,                                  ITALY 

21/03/2012      ART REVOLUTION TAIPEI  INTL EXPO                        TAIWAN

I consider myself so very fortunate, very lucky since my works are recognised abroad in many different countries and I am able to make a living from painting.  

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