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About : Lesley Brereton - Artist and Illustrator based in Northwich, Cheshire

Hello! I'm Lesley, an illustrator offering a doorway into a cosy world of magical nature and old ways.

My inspiration comes from this beautiful land and the sense of wonder instilled in me by my parents who told me magical stories and took me to wild places birding and botanising.

I think the best thing about art is the ability to make people feel things, you can't always control exactly what that will be but I hope that my love for nature and sense of wonder might spill over into others.

Here are some of my favourite things... Walking in the woods with my dog, stamps, the scent of woodsmoke, birdwatching, cosy Autumn, new stationery, apple crumble, a glimpse of a fox, snail mail, browsing bookshops, handmade crafts, hot chocolate, really old buildings especially libraries, magical realism, folk tales, my husband's voice, cliff top walks by the sea, listening to audio books while I work.


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