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About : Life Through A Lense - Photographer based in Newark, Nottinghamshire

Bob has recently moved to historic Nottinghamshire, close to the Lincolnshire border having moved from Surrey. In London bob was a very busy corporate headshot and product photographer but since the move these counties have inspired him to explore the many opportunities to add to his subject matter and capture the wonderful landscape and general surroundings.  Bob is also very excited to experiment in a more 'creative way' the presentation of these images.

Bob is a self taught photographer and now also teaches the important basics to those who wish to have more control of their camera but who struggle to understand the techinical language so often used. 

Bob writes,  'We are all good photographers, It's about being inspired to be so. Inspiration is like a garden, If you nurture it, it will grow.  Neglect it and it will be harder to revive. If we learn to see old and ordinary things in new ways, everything in the world is inspiring. It's up to us to see it that way'

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