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About : Laura Richards - Artist based in Melksham, Wiltshire

A Wiltshire Artist drawn to the sea.

Where the waves hit the wet sand, bubbles are create the element of wonder and the feeling of presence.

Inspired by the healing atmosphere of nature, the sounds of the sea and refresh of the mind. Laura's work is vivid and dreamy, a seasalt therapy. 


Soaking up the elements is always the starting point, a simple line drawing is her preferred method to capture composition and inspiration for her paintings. Depicting the seascape as it is felt rather than as it is.  

Exploring the contrast between the elements above and beneath, with marks, glimmers, life and light. Laura paints with a flow of oils, mixed with handmade textures, a process of patience, multiple layers and sgraffito.

Allowing colour to breathe like the ocean.

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