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About : Robert Harvey - Photographer based in Marlborough Downs, Wiltshire

I am a Chartered Natural Scientist and Associate of the Royal Photographic Society.  Living just a few miles from the World Heritage Site of Avebury, many favourite images have been taken in my own county of Wiltshire where our ancient past resonates through the landscape. I seek to bring a strong seasonal theme to my images, making use of different light and colours throughout the year. My photographic schedule is often dictated by sunrise, sunset, moon, tides and weather.

I also travel extensively around the UK and the world photographing landscapes and wildlife. I am particularly inspired by coasts and deserts, where untamed land is sculpted by natural elements. In the last few years I am fortunate to have photographed several of the world's most renowned wildlife destinations such as Yellowstone, Serengeti, Pantanal and Galapagos.


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