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About : Davansa Photography - Photographer based in MANCHESTER, Greater Manchester

Davansa Photography

by Sarah Hutton 


I grew up in Bristol, England photography was always within me, but it took a chance conversation in work for me to realise it was a passion I wanted to take further.

Even at school I would be the one with a camera in my hand capturing fun times and saving memories of the world around me; there was no skill in mind just the enjoyment of freezing a moment in time.

Through the years this passion continued then one day in work I was asked by a colleague ‘if you could do any job or be anything, what would it be?’ without think I replied ‘wildlife photographer’. That was it, I went home that day and started to become what I always wanted to be without knowing it. I had no knowledge of photography or camera equipment, I did some courses to teach me the basics then went and bought my first ‘proper’ camera and I have developed everything else from there with practice and patience.

My dad is a artist and growing up I would see his work and this is where I developed my eye for setting up an image and its colours, this now comes though in my photography. I love to capture images that are striking and catch your attention.

Each day I want to capture a moment that will welcome you into my world and where you will leave with a smile having seen it. My love for photography continues to grow I find true peace being behind the lens, its who I am down to the last pixel.

I was very lucky to have one of my images selected for the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibiton 2019. This is the worlds largest open art exhibition in the world.

If you would like to view more of my work please visit my webpage.

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