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About : Belinda Evans - Artist and Illustrator based in London


After years of illustrating other peoples words Ive decided to make art that I like.  

I'd been been doing that juggling thing that lots of us do , being a mum ,working in schools part time and also from home as a freelance illustrator .....
All a bit hectic until suddenly a few years ago an illness forced me to take time out for a bit. And it turned out to be the best thing ever .

For the first time I had a chance to just pootle and potter a bit and I ended up delving into my boxes of fabrics and treasured papers and taking a whole new direction .
I started producing tiny little collage artworks , using a mix of everything , pen and ink , newspaper , vintage fabric ...whatever caught my eye . I tore paper up and just went with whatever the shape inspired . It may not sound much but it was hughly liberating not working to anyone else's brief .
For the first time in years I had a chance just to create things that pleased me .
I found I couldnt stop , and was on a bit of a roll...after a few months I'd produced about 45 pictures. Each one seemed to give me ideas for the next .This led to my first exhibition in a local community cafe and to my amazement practically everything sold, which was very encouraging and led to me wondering for the first time about using some of the artwork as cards .


As I said often an idea for an image will come from the shape of a piece of paper or a fabric remnant. An interesting scrap of wallpaper may become the big slubby overcoat of a gent out on a walk ....or some bright paper snippets from a catalogue metamorphose as a myriad little birds.

I love to draw people , funny quirky characters or just the everyday folk that live in my neighbourhood...I've a fondness also for trees and things that might sit in trees...for cats and dogs and endless birds.There are cards here about friendship , having a natter ...maybe having a dance or just a cup of tea. I have cards for men a plenty , as well as cards for women and children , for cat lovers , dog lovers , plant fanatics , cycling name it .

Cant seem to stop.

I hope there's a card for everyone in my collection ..please browse and see.

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