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About : Robert Marchant - Artist based in Langford, Oxfordshire

I really hated art at school!

In 1980 I thought that I would like to learn to paint properly and joined an evening class in Swindon. They must have needed the fees as I was persuaded to continue for three or four winters. By this time I had got the bug and found that Urchfont College near Devizes ran excellent courses and painting holidays. I spent a good deal of time there and went with them to Dartmoor and France. Most of my work then was in oils. I also did a couple of weekend courses at the Hill College in Abergavenny, one of them painting with palette knives, great fun but it used lots of paint. Sadly, both of these wonderful retreats have since closed down.

In 1984 I got married to my lovely wife Carol. I carried on painting for a while and attended one evening class season at Carterton as we were now living in West Oxfordshire but gradually other things took over. Refurbishing and extending or house took several years and then our daughter arrived and art became history.

I always promised myself that I would start painting again when I retired but when the time came a whole year went by without any art so I decided to enrol in a class again. I could go in the daytime now! I decide to try acrylic paints this time and haven't looked back. I re-enrolled for a few seasons until the class started to become repetitive but in the meantime had joined Lechlade Art Society and since then have rarely missed a Thursday painting session or a monthly demo.

I have discovered that photos of my paintings make attractive greetings cards and have sold lots of these at local craft fairs and other events.

 Who inspires me? Usually whoever has given the latest demonstration. What inspires me? I am always on the look out for the unusual and like to paint something different or from a different angle. I like the flexibility of acrylic paint but also enjoy experimenting with other media, sometimes combining them in mixed media works. It is nice to sometimes return to the richness of oil paints. I have even had a go at monoprinting, stone carving, mosaics and stained glass.

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