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About : Deborah Rice - Artist based in Heage, Belper, Derbyshire

Hi, its lovely to meet you.  I am Debbie, and I am a self taught artist. I went to art college in my teens, but had to leave early.  I did not paint for almost 20 years, then picked up a brush to do a house sign for a friend.  I have not put it down since!  I feel that life is full of art all around us, anything we do can be seen as art, from walking in the country to being in the garden, to how we serve our food.  I see colour and energy in everything around me.  I especially love the countryside and I am a huge animal lover. I love to paint happy animals.  I love to create art that makes people smile.  A lovely lady recently said that my art makes her feel like a child again, when the sun always shone and things always turned out and made her feel warm inside.  This is the biggest compliment I have ever had, and I asked her if I could put this on here!


I feel extremely lucky to be a contributing artist on love from the  It is a fantastic organisation that really helps artists to survive!  I have been looking through the other artists work and wow, they are all unique and amazing.  Thank you very much for taking the time to look at mine.


Very warmest wishes,


Debbie Rice

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