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About : Kissy Colour - Artist based in Halifax, Yorkshire West Riding

Kissy Colour art and crafts is based in West Yorkshire in a small home studio.

North East born and bred, my figrative and symbolic images are inspired from the positive vibrant family life i grew up in, surrounded by amazing creative family, celebrating this through my love of colour and life.

My art work for the past few years had to take a back seat due to my own increasing famiy. My children are older and life again is at a steady pace, so its time to explore my passion for art and love of colour once more.

I have Alevels and higher qualifications in Art and photography but i have largly self taught myself. I predominantly work in Acrylics on canvas, incoporating colour, symbols, patterns into my work. My most recent canvas Motherhood the Colourful Chrysalis has currently been exhibited at Harrogate Visual Arts Charity Show in aid of the Harrogate Homless project. Im working hard on lots of new images and hoping to exhibit more of my work.

i hope you enjoy my work and thank you for your support 

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