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About : Bernice Grundy - Artist and Photographer based in GUILDFORD, Surrey



After teaching Science for nearly 20 years, I had a break and took the opportunity to learn about English Literature and how to paint. Although science does require imagination and creativity, I decided to try to cultivate a more artistic vision.

This began with drawing, where fortunately a cob of sweetcorn looks much the same. After a term of this, I could at last join Clare Hackney’s watercolour class instead, and apply my scientific knowledge to mixing colours. Colour is my passion; I am fascinated by the effects of light and its absence.

Always happy to experiment, I went on to explore all the traditional media that fine artists use and am quite happy using any of these or the more modern acrylics.

When the digital camera became available for anyone to use, I became an enthusiastic snapper of anything beautiful that caught my eye.

Being much influenced by the impressionists, like them I hope to capture the essence of a scene and to create something joyful and uplifting.

Art should enhance our lives, whether practising painting, playing and creating music or writing or reading poetry. Now I enjoy all of these and they can even be pursued when you are playing tennis or gardening or walking in the countryside. The Muse arrives when the mood takes it and with me inspiration is more likely to come in the form of a fragrant flower than a stinking fox.



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