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About : Debbie de Mornay Penny - Illustrator based in Glastonbury, Somerset

Drawn to the funny side

Debbie specialises in fun, whimsical drawings.

My inspiration comes from the people that I have met and known in my life, comedic events and occasions. I have always been drawn to the idiosyncrasies of humans and their much loved pets. From the wildly eccentric to the person undertaking their daily shop at the supermarket, I naturally seek out the comedic aspect.

I grew up in a village in Hertfordshire and I love that phrase: “you can take the girl out of a village, but not the village out of the girl”. As a child I lived in a street with my grannie two doors up and next to her an auntie with an adjoining gate. There were lots of cats, they seemed to be everywhere. Auntie had a chatty Mynah bird, a parrot, baby turtles, fishponds and all sorts of other curiosities including a grumpy husband who bred pink frogs, who frequently tutted and ate his dinner off a tray in the back room. Our street was full of characters, everyone talked about each other, fell in and out with each other, and even laughed! Those fun memories are embedded in my mind and they perhaps contribute to me being drawn to the funny side of life. When I draw I smile and laugh and I hope that my drawings make you laugh and smile too.

I have lived most of my adult life in the south west of England. I arrived in Somerset just over 20 years ago.


07393 774291




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