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About : I Am The Little Bird Designs - Artist and Illustrator based in Frome, Somerset

'I Am The Little Bird' Greetings cards and Prints is the brainchild of Nell Ttwheam.  Nell is a 13 year old painter who lives and creates work in Frome, Somerset.  Nell's work has been selected for and won many art prizes including The Black Swan Arts Young Open Art Competition in Frome and the Bourlet Young Masters Award in London.

Nell is passionate about animals with whom she has a great affinity.  She has been creating commissioned animal portraits since she was 11 years old.   She loves to capture personality in her work, whether its a dog, a cat, rabbits or even old Dr.Marten Boots or a set of screwdrivers.  Nell loves to look below the surface to discover the real spirit of things.

Her 'I Am The Little Bird' pastel drawing from 2018 was her moment of realisation that sometimes an image is so much more than its face value.

People love the humour and personality in her work.  'I Am The Little Bird Designs' has been selling cards and prints for the past 2 years.   


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