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About : Caroline Walsh-Waring - Artist based in Frome, Somerset

Through surrealism and inspired by the landscape Caroline aims to convey insights into a world of thought provoking images, imbuing her work with a sense of life and energy.  Influenced by Dali, Magritte & Bosch, but with an essence of music and movement rendering the paintings personal, unique and intimate.

Her works in porcelain reflect much of the mood of her paintings, with organically moulded figures of women and a range of unique bowls and vases Caroline transports her flowing surrealist style into beautiful objects of desire.

She has sold and exhibited in London, Europe and America and her work has been favourably critiqued by Timothy Warrington of the European Confederation of Art Critics.

/ClientLibraries/Client_148/InfoDocs/Critical Analysis Artist Scarlettart by Timothy Warrington 9.pdf

Caroline exhibits throughout the South West through art trails, she is a regular at the Bath Arts Fair each year and she has work featured in several galleries.  Although more recently she has taken part in many online Virtual Exhibitions.  She has organised the Frome Artist Cafe for several years and previously the Frome Arts Trail.  She has a studio based at home in Frome, Somerset where she lives with her husband, two children, one dog and two cats - her family.  A life providing constant inspiration and frustration!

Her work can be found online at follow her progress and inspiration on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.




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