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About : Susan Kinley - Artist based in Falmouth, Cornwall

I work from particular sites and places, often at the coastal edges of Britain, Scotland and Ireland. I am particularly interested in archaeology and environmental changes, often combining the shapes and patterns of found objects with the wider landscape in which they were found.

Aerial photography over the Isles of Scilly, visual research at Marazion marshes in Cornwall and on the South Dorset Ridgeway have fed into some of the images used on these cards.

The materials I use are driven by the idea and vision of the work that I want to make: glass, paper, metal and enamels are all in the mix of a changing visual language. I have worked on many projects for exhibitions and both individual and public art commissions, and like to challenge myself by combining traditional techniques, such as collage, with digital applications. Wall panels  are shaped by water and laser jet cutting, with photographic images fired into glass and metal surfaces.

In these cards I have fragmented images and used colour, shape, layering and pattern to distill the essence of a place. I hope that you enjoy them.


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