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About : Zehra ipek Williamson - Artist based in Fairford, Gloucestershire

I was born in Istanbul and educated in England. After school I had a brief spell at Chelsea School of Art, however due to the lack of teaching there I left and studied modern languages at the University of London. I then became a post-graduate the Courtauld Institute of Art where I specialised in the Surrealists but was drawn by the beauty and tranquillity of Renaissance paintings.
In my painting now I try to reflect that quality: the beauty of a landscape, the simple harmony of a still life of a bowl of fruit, the fragility of some flowers in a vase.  I admire the Impressionists and like them prefer to suggest than to define meticulously. I rarely paint from photographs.
My paintings are calm and portray the mood of the scene but in their looseness also strive to be dynamic and indicate the transience of the moment.

I am a member of both Fairford and Leclade Art Societies 

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