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About : Debbie Plaskett - East Harling, Norwich

Although city born and bred, I have always felt happiest surrounded by Nature, and have lived for most of my adult life in rural East Anglia. Returning to Norfolk after 5 years living on the wild and rocky coast of NE Scotland I am now based in East Harling.

Inspired by my surroundings, my paintings are a celebration of what I call ‘Everyday Magic’, exploring the subtle complexity of the natural world and the quiet details that reveal themselves when we look beyond the obvious, the special atmosphere of times and places, and the possibilities of other, unseen realities existing alongside our own. Multi-layered and textured, often containing imprints from Nature in within their depths, they have an ethereal, otherworldly quality.

A former mural artist and decorative painter, I am happy to discuss commissions for large scale paintings on canvas or panels.

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