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About : Jane Brunning - Artist and Illustrator based in Devizes, Wiltshire


With my work background in Art and Design Education I’ve always wanted to encourage everyone’s own creative fingerprints on their visual work, so it’s probably not surprising that my own is similarly individual.

A love of illustration, print and textiles led me to the craft of batik with its use of wax resist and dye onto fabric or paper, the colour overprinting adding up to yet more complex colours. My mixed media illustrations still tend to have a layered look with my use of paint, ink, pastel, giving storylines about my particular love of landscape and lives lived out here over time.

I do have an awful lot of “stuff” having left my “studio to die for” it has accompanied me into this fascinating town of Devizes where it has settled well into this new space. The work spaces being rather smaller have led me to enjoy working on a smaller scale and so naturally to cards. What better way to share my own way of looking at the world to more people can there be, than cards that can be used for messages between friends.

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