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About : Mark King - Photographer based in Croyde, Devon

What’s The Point...?

It seems a lifetime ago now. My life was different, I was different. If what happened, hadn't have happened I might not be here now making The Point. In fact, I might not be here at all if you consider the fragility of the world today.

Once I was a soldier, now I'm a surfer, although that term needs some exploration. I'm a dad too, a family man. I'm also a photographer which is ironic really because life as a soldierleft me visually impaired.

Now I make The Point, an independent North Devon magazine which explores personal reflections on what it means to be by the sea, though not just through my own blurred sense of vision but through the work of other artists, writers and photographers.

As an object, The Point aspires to reflect the nature of its content. Issue six is made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste.

Limited to a signed and numbered edition of 1,000, The Point is a quiet read in a noisy world.


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