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About : Fiona Hooper - Artist based in Crawley, West Sussex

Fiona’s passion lies in painting landscapes in her distinctive and contemporary style. She works predominantly in oils using a palette knife, to capture the peace and tranquillity of the wild, natural places that she loves to discover. Exploring and visiting these places is an excellent way of recharging her mental ‘batteries’. Directly connected to these visits, Fiona creates paintings that transport people to a place of calm helping them to relax, unwind and find inner peace.

Wherever possible Fiona likes to work directly from the subject, painting in the open air in the places that she loves, interpreting the sights, sounds and smells into paint on canvas. But, when this is not possible, her sketches, photographs, and memories act as the inspiration for her paintings.

Her work has won both awards and critical acclaim and can be found in collections both in the UK and internationally, including the USA, Canada, France, Malta, Australia, and Switzerland.

She occasionally accepts commissions for landscape paintings, creating lasting and treasured memories of special places beautifully interpreted in her unique style. 

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Fiona Hooper 

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