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About : SuMac Art - Artist based in Crackington Haven, Cornwall

I am retired now and moved across the country from NW Kent to the quiet coastal village of Crackington Haven with my husband and my son and his family who live about twenty miles away.  .  From the hub-bub and noise of the South East London borders to the Sheep, Cows, Seagulls and a few lawn mowers.

I was rather good at art at school and carried that on into my early twenties with drawings in pen and ink and dabbled with oil pastels that I still own some 45 years later.....................and they still are workable.  After that I had to take on the responsibilites of family life so my art lapsed until I was recovering from surgery in 2000 when I had to find an interest that would absorb my interest so armed with some cheap oil paints and rather tatty canvas I started with some landscapes but my interest was in subjects similar to those of Jack Vettriano but with a more modern dress and setting.  Each one telling it's own story.  But as I can be inspired by almost anything I also paint anything from wildlife to rustic objects to some very random subjects.  A lot of my time is taken up with commissioned pet portraits that are mostly in watercolours although I have done several in oils.  I have also painted some child portraits in oils. 

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