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About : DIXIT Landscape Artist - Artist based in Cotswolds, Wiltshire

I am a self-taught amateur artist, having always been encouraged to draw and paint since childhood.

I enjoy painting any subject that attracts my eye, in any medium, including making use of a "tablet" for sketching, but particularly I like to paint landscapes and seascapes in watercolours or acrylics.  I derive most pleasure from painting the subject in unusual light and I love using bold, sometimes deliberately unrealistic colour schemes, often applied using only a palette knife, to attain my effect.

My choice of subjects ranges widely, from the wild and deserted vistas of the Highlands of Scotland (where I once lived and where I often return), through sunnier images gathered during regular visits to Bergerac in France, to the placid countryside of the English Cotswolds in my current home near Malmesbury, North Wiltshire. However, no invitation, to paint or draw any subject, anywhere, is ever refused.

I am an Associate Member of the Armed Forces Art Society, exhibiting annually with the Society at the Mall Galleries in London. I am also a founder member of my local Art Club where I occasionally lead workshops in acrylic knife painting techniques.

My signature "DIXIT", which appears on many of my paintings and sketches (and usually in red), originated at senior school to sign cartoons and illustrations for the school magazine etc.  and has stuck with me ever since.

Here is a link to my website

I hope you find my paintings as enjoyable to look at, as I enjoyed painting them.

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