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About : Rachel Heard - Artist and Illustrator based in Corsham, Wiltshire

Hello and thank you for finding my work!

My paintings are inspired by natural forms and phenomena, based on an intuitive response in colour and composition. Exploring a variety of paint and techniques, I try to gain depth of colour and texture in describing organic pattern. I find a sense of freedom and expression in the pouring of paint and by manipulating the canvas to build up layers I seek to strike a balance between intention and an unknown outcome. 

I live in the rural town of Corsham, bringing up three boisterous boys and two sofa hogging lurchers!

My stitch pictures are mostly designed with a sense of humour in mind and I enjoy the notion of using embroidery as a drawing medium.

I have recently taken up studio residency at Pound Arts and am using it to research ideas and develop my practice around the theme of our human relationship with nature in terms of wellbeing and environment.

For further details please see my website  or follow progress on instagram@rachelheardart.

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