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About : Charlotte Hepburn - Artist and Illustrator based in Clifford, Yorkshire

I am an artist, print maker and illustrator based in Yorkshire, UK. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved drawing. As a child, I would sit and draw for hours and hours on end - and today very little has changed! I particularly enjoy pen and ink illustrations as these pose very unique challenges. Once the pen has made a mark on the page you can’t change it or erase it, unlike pencil which can be rubbed out. I also very much like the way the ink moves in an almost organic way on the paper; like a living creature that does what it wants.  

I am also a keen printmaker, and I particularly like printing using lino. I enjoy the process of cutting an inverted image into the lino and then printing the plate to reveal the design. I also enjoy experimenting with different kinds of papers and ephemera, including antique books, newspapers and ticket stubs.

I draw inspiration from many different sources, including my surroundings, architecture, nature and everyday life. I find that inspiration can appear in the strangest and most mundane of places, from a simple drink in a cafe to a visit to the zoo.

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