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About : Nina Feldman - Artist and Photographer based in Cirencester, Gloucestershire

When you look at my images you will get a sense of who I am.  It may elude you or it might prompt more questions, but, one way or the other I think you will find someone who is in love with the world.  In love with nature and the endless turning of the wheel of the year, night into day and back again.  I am inspired by all this and also by the written word, the nature of identity, Japanese Haiku, geology, architecture, a conversation overheard on a train, the many different countries of the world and the languages that are spoken there.  In my imagination I can be anywhere I like and I often am.

My work has been exhibited and sold locally and at galleries in both Oxford and Wales. Having just completed a small photographic book with text about my eastern European roots called 'Peach Jam, Mulberry, Plum',  I am currently working on a Cornish alphabet which will also be produced in book form.  Look out for images from both of these which no doubt will be available as cards.


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