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About : Natty Alexander - Artist based in Chew Valley, Bristol, Somerset

Hello! I'm Natty, a self-taught Artist, Author, and Deep Healing Coach, based south of Bristol, UK where I live with my partner and 2 beautiful cat beings.

The aim of my work is to remind you of who you truly are, by bypassing the part of your mind that may try to convince you that you aren’t magnificence itself!

I'm inspired by the ineffable, the deeply mysterious, ever unfolding nature of ourselves and the world. I’m drawn to sacred geometry, which is at the heart of our natural world and which alludes to a hidden order. Energies present themselves to be translated into form, and information and insights often land in me through the creative process itself. I love bright colours that enhance one another in celebration of the iridescent beauty that surrounds us in life, if only we truly perceive it. 

In 2016, Mandalas found me and I became joyfully obsessed with painting dot-mandalas on stones. This birthed my Etsy Shop and my Mandala Stones Book. One thing led to another and I started to teach Mandala workshops, spreading the joy and inspiration of creating Mandalas.

The gift of the 2020 lockdown gave me the time to explore intuitive painting from the Soul which was a deeply nourishing process. Painting this way delivered profound reflections of my life and knowings beyond the logical, the process blew me away and still does. With painting, magic really does happen!

Birthing CreativityHaving my creativity devalued as a youngster, my adult life has been a turbulent journey of reclaiming this aspect of myself, struggling with what to paint, a harsh inner critic and the frustration of inadequate skills that needed developing and honing. I hope by sharing this people will realise that it’s never too late to start following their heart and doing what they truly want to do. 

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Always remember what a beautiful human you are.

Much love,



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