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About : Rosie Dolton - Artist based in Bristol

My current practice involves using traditional craft based methods in unconventional contexts to investigate such themes such as; nature and the environment, gender and feminism, and the manufactured and the organic. I use hand and machine embroidery as a form of drawing, the finished product becomes something tactile and almost three-dimensional in quality. An integral part of my work is to make the process of sewing visible to the viewer, threads remain uncut and are incorporated into the work, resembling rough, sketchy lines of a drawing. Often I find the ‘messy’ reverse side of the work becomes more interesting than the front because the image has to be found within the complex intricacies of the layered threads. I am constantly deriving inspiration from my surrounding environment and am fascinated by ideas of beauty, death and the grotesque found in nature. I am currently making a series of hand and machine embroideries depicting animals, birds, insects and skulls.

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