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About : Liane Tancock Artist - Artist and Illustrator based in Bristol


Since childhood I have been fascinated by nature. My grandmother instilled in me a great love of nature and the natural world. I spent a lot of time collecting objects off the beach and on our walks; this is something I continued throughout my life into adulthood.

I studied fine art at Cardiff gaining a BA in fine art, while at Cardiff I developed a passion for landscape. But it was moving to Rural Devon that signalled a change in my work. I used the objects I collected to create still life’s to be drawn. Since returning to Bristol I have continued to collect and draw my finds.

I have always been in my element in nature. I have been painting landscapes for many years often focusing on painting large expanses of the landscape. Over the past 2 years I have concentrated on drawing in ink. I have focused on the small often hidden aspects in nature. I am fascinated by tiny natural objects found lying on the grass from sheep’s skulls to delicate feathers. They are collected and bought back to the studio. It is amazing what can be found if you look no further than a hedge or what lies at your feet.

I see these drawings as a lesson in patience, like everything in nature my drawings develop at their own pace and in their own time.

In these drawings I hope to share my fascination with these wonderful objects.

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