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About : Dona B Drawings - Illustrator based in Bristol

Having trained as a spatial designer and worked for an interior design company I have always loved to draw all sorts of things and have seen many different ways of presenting images for celebrating special occasions or places.

Using my architectural drawing skills I produce an illustrative style on my greetings cards that celebrates a place or event in a unique way. I take a building, location or big event as inspiration and, using photography for reference, in a combination of drawing, watercolour and digital painting I create an illustration collage ready for prints or cards.

I have even produced some cards without colour so you or the recipient can enjoy filling in between the lines and adding your own colour scheme. Why not send them with a mini pack of colouring pencils as a little gift. 

If you have any questions regarding my products then please do contact me or find out more about my work here And please come and say hello on Facebook & Instagram @donabdrawings and Twitter @dona-b-drawings 

I hope you love my illustrations and enjoy sending them to friends and family for your special occasions. 

Thank you

dona B.

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