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Mary Petrovska - Artist based in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire

Please Note:

The cards used in these packs are smaller than the standard LFTA cards. Square cards are 125mm square and rectangles are 105mm x 148mm (A6) or 148mm x 105mm (A6 'left-folded') for landscape layouts.

Card Packs

Abstract Cherry Blossom
Abstract Cherry Blossom - £7.50
Blossom - £7.50
Bottles - £7.50
Christmas Trees and Snowflakes
Christmas Trees and Snowflakes - £7.50
Collaborations - £7.50
Five Days of Christmas
Five Days of Christmas - £7.50
Fruits and Flowers
Fruits and Flowers - £7.50
Lemons - £7.50
Rooms With Vases
Rooms With Vases - £7.50
Still Life With Flowers
Still Life With Flowers - £7.50
Vessels - £7.50
Vessels - £7.50

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