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About : Jane Lovell - Artist based in Bishop's Waltham, Hampshire

I always enjoyed painting and drawing at school in the sixties. It was suggested it would be more practical for me to go to cook school instead of art school!

I took up painting later and fell in love with the medium of water colour. I taught water colour for fourteen years when an artist friend asked me to take over her classes after she moved away.

During this time I also ran a busy catering business, which rather took over my life.

Missing painting, I joined an abstract group and enjoyed the excitement of experimenting and exhibiting in the company of other artists. 

Since the arrival of the virus, all catering has become a non event and I have reverted back to painting in water colour and started making cards for family and friends with the subject matter usually relating to the recipient. They seem to have been well received so I thought it was time to print some and test the market. 

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