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About : Nicola Ann Gaffey - Artist and Illustrator based in Belfast, Antrim

I am a self taught artist based in Belfast Northern Ireland, I have always had a passion for Art from I was little and a vivid imagination to go with it! I was excited to have been accepted into The Ulster Watercolour Society around five years ago and have been a full time member ever since, It was here that "Miya And The Queen" won an award of excellence, I have had numerous paintings published in SAA magazine over the past few years, and have sold my paintings in numerous mixed exhibitions, and I have also had two successful solo exhibitions in the past three years.

My preferred medium is Watercolour although occasionally I will use Cryla Heavy Bodied Acrylic and also Gold Leaf and Gilding which can give great, bold, dramatic effects, I create my compositions and paintings from life, photos and my imagination, My inspiration comes firstly from my two tortures (my fur babies) Miya and Tallyboo who made their debut in "Miya And The Queen" and "Pumpkin And Boo"

I love Nature, Folklore, Animals, and Crows, I love Halloween and Autumn time, always my favourite time of the year! I love Fall leaves,Apples the rich and vibrant colours of the trees,I love quiet places with an air of mystery and drama, the unusual,the quirky!

I love to sit in my studio painting away with old Sherlock Holmes and Miss Marple playing in the background, look out for more interesting and unusual works to come!! 




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