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About : Kate Davies - Artist and Illustrator based in Bath, Somerset

I studied at Bath Academy of Art, and followed a career as an illustrator for many years, first in architecture then in children's books.

This has brought me to where I am now, illustrating famous or easily recognised scenes ( mostly in and around the City of Bath or London,various Wiltshire villages, and the lovely Colerne) ,  and populating them with little anthropomorphic characters - in Bath, for instance, I have created The Bath Bunns -  rabbit characters who live in or visit the fair city, named after the famous patisserie made here.

I also paint 'straightforward' watercolours,  my favourite subject being cows.

My pictures are infused with a gentle humour, and often a play on words in the title. In my village many of the characters are based on real people! My husband and little dog regularly appear in my illustrations, and I join them too with my Red Shoes!

I work in watercolour with a little pencil detail. I use photos I have taken as the reference point for my illustrations, and introduce my characters and stories into them.

I like to listen to Radio 4 Extra while I work or comedy audio such as 'Bleak Expectations' and 'Cabin Pressure',  Terry Pratchett Audio CDs, and Test Match Special when it's on.

My interests are playing guitar and singing, playing piano (badly), playing violin (even worse), walking my dog and gardening and flower arranging (I have a productive allotment garden), dancing,  Church and the Pub  -  not necessarily in that order!



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